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Lindum offers seven different grades of quality turf for a host of different applications. Using top rated, named cultivars and grown on stone free, sandy loam soils, Lindum turf is grown to the highest industry standards and is available all year round

LT7 Festival
for general landscaping.

LT3 Ryegreen

for fine high quality lawns.

RTF (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue)
for drought tolerance as well as excellent wear and recovery.

LT6 Sporturf

for sports pitches.

for golf and bowling greens.

LT4 Smooth Stalked Tees and LT5 Ryetees
for golf tees

Lindum Grassfelt
a mature soil-less grass growing in biodegradable felt to create a ‘living grass carpet’.

Lindum Lokturf
very hard wearing, reinforced turf designed for high wear situations such as sports pitches, horse jumps, green roads and car parks.

Lindum Wildflower
an instant wildflower meadow growing in biodegradable felt

For more information about our turfing services
please call us on 0118 977 2186

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